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    Olesia, SA: "Ура! Спасибо получила чаи. Очень вкусный чай в маленьком пакетике Orient Delight. Похоже ж это тот чай, что я спрашивала вначале с типсами. Это мой самый любимый чай. Спасибо Вам большое! До следующих заказов." 

    Alli, WA: "I bought these tea's yesterday. They are divine ! I will be back to your shop again soon" (Premium tea 100 tea bags, Windown Paris)

    Irina, WA: "They have a really wonderfull selection of tea. Happy that we have another Great business in AU."

    Nina, WA: "Света, а еще бы и чайную с самоваром..."

    Nadir, WA: "Здорово!!! Теперь знаю у кого чай покупать!!!"

    Tracey, WA: "That Christmas tea is to die for xx"

    Rae, WA: "Will definitely buy !"

    Elena, WA: "Обожаю это чай! Очень хочу!" about Milk oolong green tea

    Georgina, WA: "Hey Lana, I bought the tea from you last sunday, :) And I really love the taste. Thank you for that. Lovely greetings. Georgina"

    Natalia, WA: "I'm a huge fan of the tea and this is my little* collection of Basilur Tea.. :) Really love the taste and quality! Would highly recommended to all tea lovers and to someone who's looking for something unique and tasty!!😉 Thank you!"

    "Thank you, received my tea for one set.  Already have one just like it,  given to me about 6-7 years ago, I was so happy to find another the same, as I thought that it would be close to impossible (almost was) until I found your store. One for visitor one for me. AWESOME!! :-)

    Have a great day! 


    From Carolynne Fisher  from QLD"



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