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  • Basilur Bouquet Collection

    27 September at 01:30 from atlas

    Basilur Bouquet Collection A delightful experience of special green teas masterfully blended with the sweet, subtle flavours of berries and cream and a light base of flower petals to create this range of Bouquet. These blends of green tea gives you a cup of tea that is deep and rich, and imbibed in exotic flower petals for an aromatic and romantic experience. White Magic is a unique blend of Milk Oolong green tea, unmatched for its taste.
    Available in tin caddies of 100g loose tea & packets of 100g or 500g loose tea, 25 String & Tag teabags and individually wrapped foil sachets of 10, 20 or 100's. Basilur tea bags are staple-free double chamber tea bags, produced using the latest machinery. All loose leaf teas are packed in flavour-sealed foil pouches with zipper lock. Available online @ 



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