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  • Leaf Of Ceylon tea collection

    26 August at 00:25 from atlas

    The full range of the "Leaf of Ceylon" Basilur Tea Collection  is available to buy now in Western Australia!

    "Leaf of Ceylon" Basilur Tea Collection presents to you premium quality teas (100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea) from different regions of exotic Sri Lanka.

    The shape of each metal tin caddy reminds a silhouette of a leaf tea; the author's photos on each tin allow to feel the surprising world of Ceylon more stoutly.

    Available in: Metal tin (125g of Loose Leaf Tea), Packets (100g of Loose Leaf Tea), String and Tag Tea Bags, and Tea Bags in foil sachets.

     KANDY - Pure Ceylon Black Tea, grown in the ancient city of Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, this mid-country provides a one of a kind appealing flavour. A dark golden liquor with full bodied strong characters, Kandy tea are grown at 2,000-4,000 feet above sea level. A tea which can be enjoyed with a touch of cream and sweetener as a relaxing all day beverage.  

    Pure Ceylon Black Tea with flavour bergamot (Earl Grey)

    RUHUNU - Ceylon's tea plantations extend from the tropical rain forest to the south-western coast. OP/BOP1 teas from the low-grown areas of Ceylon are much sought after particularly by Mid Eastern countries and the CIS. A refreshing drink for those who like a thick, sweet brew which can be enjoyed with or without milk.

    Pure Ceylon Black Tea with flavour caramel

    UVA - Grown in the Eastern slopes of Ceylon's central mountains, tea from UVA district has quite a remarkable flavour and famous around the world. A long leaf OP tea with golden colour liquor, this tea has been famous world-wide for over a century. Uva region teas are renowned worldwide by tea connoisseurs for its smooth taste.

    Pure Ceylon Black Tea, no additives

    DIMBULA - Dimbula was one of the first areas in Ceylon to be planted with tea after coffee in the 1870's. The plantations, most of them around 5000-6000 feet (1600-2000m) up in the hills, produce a typical High Grown tea, which is of the finest character and rich in colour - fine wiry teas of OP1.

    Pure Ceylon Black Tea cream flavour;

    NUWARA ELIYA - Grown at an elevation of over 6000 feet (2000m) in Ceylon, the Nuwara Eliya teas have an exquisite flavour and aroma. It has been said that Nuwara Eliya is to Ceylon tea, what Champagne is to French wine. Recognized by connoisseurs of tea as world's best, this delicious FBOP/Pekoe tea can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon, lime or orange.

    Pure Ceylon Black Tea, no additives



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