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  • NEW from Basilur - Persian Earl Grey Black Tea

    2 March at 17:41 from atlas

    NEW!!! Basilur Persian Earl Grey - Ceylon Black tea with natural aroma of bergamot and mandarin

    Country of origin: Sri Lanka

    FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe)

    Black tea:
    The most popular type of tea. It is a long process of production. The basic steps are: wilting, rolling, fermenting and drying. Taste values are determined by the country of origin, plantation, harvest time and degree of wilting.

    Black Ceylon tea is considered the best in the world. Carefully selected upper leaves from the bushes give a warm welcome to the connoisseurs.

    How to brew:
    Spoon tea with hot water at 95 degrees C (so-called white boiling, hot non-sparkling), brew in two ways:
    - When brewing short for 3 minutes, the brew is refreshing and stimulating.
    - When brewing for up to 5 minutes, it gives a relaxing brew.

    Too much brewing causes a sour taste in the infusion.

    Black tea leaves are only suitable for single infusion. 



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